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Year 4

Over the course of the year, Year 4 children continue to draw on the vocabulary already learnt during their time at ERPS whilst learning much more Spanish vocabulary on a range of topics.


We have a 45 minute session each week where we have fun with songs, games, puppets, stories and written activities. We continue to develop a love of language learning, have fun and also reflect upon the cultural aspects of being a language learner, recognising the cultural differences and similarities associated with each topic. Written work is recorded in our exercise books. Children continue to develop their ability to construct short Spanish sentences, in both spoken and written work, with appropriate scaffolding and support. The children are now able to answer simple questions, give opinions and recognise key vocabulary related to our year group topics such as ourselves, clothes, sports and items in the classroom.  


Children are aware that Spanish is spoken all over the world and that multiculturalism is a celebration of all communities, beliefs, languages and cultures  - across our school and the wider demographic. We celebrate all of the languages that the children also speak at home and often discuss the new words in Spanish, English and any other languages that the children might know. 

Topic resources term by term

Click on the folders below to find out more about each topic and the key vocabulary for each term.  There are songs and extra activities in each folder that you can use to Learn Spanish with your child at home too.