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Tuesday 25th January 2022

Letters and Sounds and Handwriting

Today we are learning the digraph ow

Can you write the following caption?

It is a cow.

Click on the link below to read the ow words in the game, then have a go at writing the words on the sheet.

Some of these pictures show ow words. Write the ow word under the picture


Look at the picture below of a dolls house or use a dolls house you have at home.

Use positional language to describe where the rooms and furniture are in the doll’s house, in
relation to the other rooms or items. Can they describe the position of other objects they can see in the picture? Try and use the following position words...

under, behind, next to, on top of, underneath and in front of.


Make your own shopping list. Decide what you would like to buy and then write the word and draw a picture of the item.