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This week we are using The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl to support our learning. He is our author of the term and we are going to use his story to help us with interesting adjectives in our writing.


Activity one

Today we will be thinking about adjectives. These are describing words and help to make reading and writing more interesting.


Have a look at the Adjectives Presentation to remind you what an adjective is.

So instead of having a simple sentence like this:


The crocodile grinned showing his teeth.


We can add adjectives to make the sentence more interesting


The enormous, fat, green crocodile grinned showing his large, sharp, white teeth.



Try making this sentence more interesting using adjectives.


The fox, the mouse and the hen lived in a house.


What adjectives could we use to describe each animal? What adjectives could we use to describe the house?


Play the enormous crocodile to 3:50 and listen to the description of the enormous crocodile.


What words can you hear that describe him?

What does he look like?

What sort of character is he?



Now I would like you to think of as many adjectives as you can to describe the Enormous Crocodile.


You can draw a picture of the crocodile and write the adjectives to describe him around your drawing. Or you can use the worksheet provided. This is mine!




Now write some interesting sentences to describe the crocodile using some of the adjectives you thought of.


Activity 2

Play the story from 3:50 to 10:20; This part introduces the other characters.


Today I'd like you to list all the characters that the crocodile meets, in order as they appear in the story.


You can draw a small picture of each character and write their name under it. Keep your list for future learning.


Humpy Rumpy






Can you write a few adjectives to describe each character?

Activity 3

Play the clip from where we left yesterday. Keep an eye on the different tricks the Enormous Crocodile plays on the children.


The crocodile played 4 tricks, disguising himself to catch the children.


Today I would like you to draw a picture of each trick and write some sentences about each one underneath the picture.


Do not worry if you can’t do all 4 tricks.


Remember Capital letters, full stops, neat writing and some describing words to make it sound interesting! 


Activity 4

Today I'd like you to watch the whole story and create a story board.

You can use the pictures I have provided to put the story in order, or you can use a story board frame to draw your own pictures.

Remember they must be in order of the story.