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This week we would like you to make your own little book of the ‘The Worst Princess’ by Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie.


First listen to the story on youtube. You can follow the words on this link:-



We would like you to take your time making a little book of your own, retelling the story in your own words.


You can draw lots of lovely pictures and write the story underneath the pictures.


You can make a book by putting sheets of paper together and folding them. You can use a stapler or make some holes and hold it together with string or ribbon.


Remember to make an attractive front cover with a picture and the title and your name as you are the author!


You can take as long as you like making your book as this is the only Activity we are setting this week.


If you would like to you can also paint, draw, or collage a picture of your own dragon!


Have fun!

English Summer Activity Book