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Our next piece of writing that we are going to be completing tomorrow is a balanced argument. Argument - I know you all know what that means! That's what you do with you siblings or parents! But what is a balanced argument? 

       A balanced argument is where you introduce a debated topic and present both sides of the argument, for example 'Should animals be kept in zoos?' No, animals should not be kept in zoos as they should be free to roam in the wild but, on the other hand, animals should be kept in zoos because it means that children are able to go to visit and learn all about different species that they wouldn't otherwise get the opportunity to see. A balanced argument also has a conclusion which is where you can give your opinion and tell your readers what your beliefs are regarding the topic discussed.

       Watch the video below to introduce yourself to the idea of a balanced argument.

Work through the PPT to introduce yourselves to all of the different elements that need to be included when we are writing a balanced argument. Then, your activity for today is to write a plan for tomorrow's writing. 

       Your argument links very closely to ideas that have emerged recently in Secrets of a Sun King: Should King Tut's treasures belong to Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon?

       Think about your thoughts and feelings about this topics before considering reasons why the 'treasures' should belong to Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon, and also why they should not. Use your knowledge of Secrets of a Sun King to help you. You could also search the internet.