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Uses of Everyday Materials

This term, we are learning about the uses of every day materials.  


Task 1 - Video 

Watch this video clip a few times:

When you are ready, can you identify some of the objects and which material/s they are made out of.  Here is an example:


Object Material/s
Wooden floor wood 
Milk bottle plastic


Task 2 

Game - Silly Spinners

Make two types of spinners - on one there are drawings of different materials – e.g. wood, plastic, metal, glass. On the other are drawings and labels of objects. Spin each of the spinners. Read out what each of them lands on. So you might end up with ‘glass’ and ‘t-shirt’.

  • Can you talk about what you think about a 'glass t-shirt'?
  •  Which of its properties will make it suited to its role and which of them would not?

Spinners pdf to print out

Task 3 - optional

You could explore materials to make a strong house for the 3 Little Pigs.  What would you use to build your house?

There is a Activity outline for your grown-ups to have a look at below.