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  Today we are going to think about how to write a letter. Tomorrow you will have the choice to write a letter based on the Iron Man, about Faversham or to Miss Tucker about your experience over lockdown. Today we are going to look at different letters and think about what things should be included in a letter. Have a look at the PowerPoint below to find out more about letters. 

  Take a look at the videos below to hear/ read the stories ‘The day the crayons left’ and ‘The day the crayons came home.’ These books are mostly made up of letters and postcards from a number of different crayons and are great fun. Can you spot anything that makes them letters?

The Day the crayons quit - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for children

Books Alive! Read aloud Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers hilarious account of the revolt of Ducan's misused and unhappy crayons. A great children's book for c...

The Day the Crayons Came home - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for children

Books Alive! Read aloud the 2nd instalment of the hugely popular and funny children's book by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers. Duncan is reunited with his lo...

  Have a look at the examples below of a formal and informal letter. Can you spot the differences? Can you spot the similarities? Who might you write a formal letter to? Who might you write an informal letter to?