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Birds and the outdoors activities

Buenos días: Spanish Greeting Song



Hello Key Stage 2! I hope you are all well. 


This week I am going to give you a selection of activities that you can do related to birds and the outdoors. 

Greeting chatterbox

Print, colour and use this chatterbox with people in your house to teach them greetings in Spanish.

Petirrojo Origami

In Spanish a robin is un petirrojo - it's my favourite bird! 


You can have a go at the robin origami activity below.

The video below teaches some of the names for birds in Spanish. Listen carefully to the bird noises too.


Which would you see in your garden?


You can then use the Spanish worksheet underneath to record the birds that you spot this week. 

Animales para niños |Aprende el nombre de las aves |Los sonidos de los animales |Las aves más bellas