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Reception and KS1 Birds and the outdoors activities

Spanish Song For Children - "Hola Hola"



Hello Reception and Key Stage one. 


Below are a selection of activities that you can try for our birds and the outdoors activity week.

Colour Hunt

Use the colour worksheet below to go and hunt for colours inside the house and outside on your walks too.

Plasticine Bird


You can watch the story below all about a Little Pink Bird and some biscuits. 


Biscuits are galletas in Spanish. Two Ll together make a "y" sound - listen carefully to the word in the story.


Watch out for the pájaro grande - the big bird!


I think the birds should share the biscuits at the end. What do you think?



CUENTO: "El pajarito rosa"

You could add the Spanish colours rainbow above to your window once you have coloured it and see if anyone else has one up as you go out for your daily exercise X

Adiós, Adiós | Canciones Infantiles | Super Simple Español

Have a great week and a relaxing half term. Adiós. Bye. Hasta luego. See you soon XX