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Today, we are looking at how the state of a material can be changed from solid, liquid or gas to another of the states by heating and cooling. The processes of freezing and melting materials can result in a change from liquid to solid and vice versa.

       We are going to test this using CHOCOLATE. We are going to try to melt our chocolate over water of different temperatures and see which temperature breaks down the bonds between the particles more quickly meaning that the state changes from solid to liquid. What is your prediction? Will the chocolate melt more quickly in hotter or cooler water?

       I completed the experiment at home too - but I did mine slightly differently than it is on the sheet (which is fine! You do the experiment in the way that is best for you as long as you keep it consistent to ensure it's a fair test). Watch my video below and see if you find the same or similar results to me.

Miss Constantine's Chocolate Melting Experiment

Challenge: Could you try your experiment with other foods too? Which melts quicker - an ice cube, a cube of butter, a marshmallow?