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Let’s keep today’s lesson practical and have some fun devising our own maths games to help us to practice all that we have learnt this week in maths. You can make up your own game or I have included some suggestions for you. 


Let’s watch the Cookie Monster first!


Sesame Street: Abby and Cookie Monster Subtract (Eat) Cookies

Here are some ideas!


For this game you will need lego and a dice.

This game is best played with a partner. The object of the game is to see who can lose their bricks first!

Start with 10 blocks of lego each. Or if you are secure with subtraction within 10, start with 20 blocks of lego each.


  1. First, stack up your tower. Then, roll the dice.
  2. Take off that number of bricks, and then count how many you have left. You could work with your child on saying either the equation or talking through the mathematical language. For example: “I had 10 bricks, I took off 2, and now I have 8.”
  3. You could even have them writing a number sentence for each roll to extend the learning!



Subtraction Bowling!


How about this game? You will need 10 or even 20 cups or bowling pins if you have them, and a ball. Record how many pins you knock over and write down your number sentence.


Playing Cards


Take two cards each from a deck of playing cards. Write down your subtraction sentence (remember to start with the biggest number) and the person with the lowest or highest answer wins!