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Unit 6: Numbers to 20


Today’s learning focus:

We are learning to compare numbers using words and symbols.



Have a look at this picture. Can you answer it?

Have a think and look for the answers at the end of this lesson!


For today's lesson we will be comparing numbers using the following maths words: greater than, less than and equal to. You will also be answering questions that include the following maths words: Which is the greatest? Which is the least?


We will be using number tracks to help us compare numbers.


We are going to be using these symbols to compare numbers. Can you remember which is which? Have a look at yesterday’s learning if you’re not sure.


Watch today's video to find out more: 



Today’s task:


Have a go at completing the attached worksheet. Do as much as you can. I have attached a challenge task, if would like to have a go!

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