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As we have tried to reduce screen time this week, I have tried giving you some activities to get outside. Feel free to choose any of the activities below.


The first pdf contains some activities to do with trees. So if you are planning a walk in the woods, this could be perfect.

In winter, when trees are bare, it can be tricky to tell them apart, but our twig ID sheet can help. It features pictures of twigs and their buds so you can match them up to the trees you find outdoors.

  • Talk about the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees.
  • Point out the buds on the twigs and explain what they are for.
  • Ask your child how they think the trees will change in spring.
  • Remember, some trees are thorny so watch out for sharp prickles.
You could also spend some time identifying birds.
If you want to make your garden more inviting, you could try some of the suggestions on the link below.

Science ideas if it snows!

I will be trying some of these if it snows. Why not try some and send in your pictures, I would love to see them.