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  Today we are going to think about our topic of the local area of Faversham. Today I would like you to think about what you know about Faversham and what you might like to learn about Faversham. Have a watch of the video below to start thinking about Faversham.

Experience Faversham

Share our experience of a visit to Faversham archetypal England, ancient gabled buildings nestling along the slowly lapping waters of the creek, the aroma of...

  What questions do you have about Faversham? You could write these down and send them in to Miss Tucker so we can try to find out the answers to them this term.

  Do you know anything interesting about Faversham? You could write these down or show them in a poster, cartoon or any other creative way you can think of if you would like.

  If you don’t have any questions and can’t think of anything interesting that you know about Faversham, have a look at the Faversham society website below to learn about our local area. What can you find out about Faversham? What do you find particularly interesting?