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Wednesday 24 November

LETTERS AND SOUNDS Click on the link below. Can you read these captions? Remember to use your robot voice to say the sounds to read the words. Can you also add the detail to the picture and then colour it in beautifully?


Remember to write your name and check it has a capital at the start and all the other letters are lower case.


Today our word is hiss. Can you write hiss all over a blank piece of paper? If you would like a challenge, can you write the following sentence. I can hiss.

Click on the link below to do some ss activities.

MATHS Click on the link below and see if you can fill in the missing numbers. Can you make your own missing numbers number line for someone else to do?


Can you dance to some music that you love. Can you perform it as a show to someone in your house? You could make tickets for your show. You may wish to dress up for your show.