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English: Reading

We've already briefly discussed Egyptian pharaohs but we have mainly focussed on Tutankhamun. Today, I'd like you to learn a little bit more about what a pharaoh actually was, and to learn a little more about 4 famous pharaohs. Read through the text below and then answer the questions. There are answers below so you can mark you own work once you are finished. REMEMBER: You must write in full sentences.

1. What is a pharaoh?
2. Where did the word ‘pharaoh’ come from?
3. Who is the god of the sky?
4. When did Upper and Lower Egypt join together?
5. Who was Narmer?
6. Find a word in the text that is a synonym for...

a. ...‘divided’?
b. ...‘made’?
7. The word ‘ruled’ is used a few times in this text. What does it mean?
8. Why is Rameses II one of the most famous pharaohs? Provide examples in your answer.
9. How old was Thutmose III when he began his reign?
10. Why did the Egyptian people love Cleopatra VII?



Extension: Cleopatra VII is one of the most famous pharaohs ever. Not only was she the last true pharaoh of Egypt but she was also one of only a small number of female rulers - and what a strong, powerful woman she was!

       Perhaps you could research Cleopatra VII a little further? I have included a comic and some videos below, but you might also want to search the internet as see what else you can find out about the ruthless queen. Maybe you could create a poster or information guide to present your findings?

Horrible Histories - Historical Desktops: Cleopatra | Awful Egyptians

Horrible Histories - Ra Ra Cleopatra | Horrible Songs | Awful Egyptians