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Letters & Sounds



Please spend each Letters and Sounds session revising any of the phase 3 sounds that you are less confident with. You can use the following you tube clip to help you with your pronunciation:

Phonics Phase 3 Sounds for Pronunciation

You can also use and explore the games: ‘Buried Treasure’, ‘Picnic on Pluto’ or ‘Dragon’s Den.’


Last term, we were working on our phase 4 Letters and Sounds learning and we have almost finished this unit.


Today we are learning to read the tricky words they, all and are.

To help us remember these tricky words, we will be doing a handwriting practice.



You will notice that the word ‘they’ has the /ai/ phoneme at the end but we need to train our brains to spell it with ‘ey’ instead.


Task 1): Trace the shapes of the letters with your finger now write the word they on the attached handwriting sheet. Repeat with the tricky words all and are.

*to save printing, you could either choose one handwriting sheet or use a piece of paper instead with the word written at the side for you to copy. 


Task 2) Read the following sentences out loud. Don’t forget to sound talk tricky words.

They all had a sandwich and some crisps for a snack.

The windmills are all near the farm.

They are all jumping for joy.



Choose one or more of the tricky words that you have learnt today and write your own sentence. Remember to include a capital letter, a full stop and to use finger spaces.


Mrs Willis' Phonics Group


Last term, we finished our Phase 5a Letters and Sounds learning and next week, we will start our Phase 5b learning. 


This week, please spend the whole week revising any of the Phase 5 alternative spellings that you are less confident with.  



PhonicsPlay is offering some free access to their online games. You will be able to revise all the phase 5 sounds using 'Buried Treasure', 'Picnic on Pluto' and 'Dragon's Den'.


I have also uploaded lots of different games and activities for you to try this week.