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Comparing and Measuring Mass in grams and kilograms

This week, we will be learning about how heavy things are - this is called mass.  We measure mass in g and kg. It would be great if you could do lots of practical Maths this week by using some weighing scales.  

Note: You don't have to print anything off this week.  Instead, work through the activities and questions in the order below.


Information Poster:


Task 1 - Comparing Weights

  • Choose 5 objects from around your home.  Hold them in your hands and feel how heavy they are.  Next, order them from lightest to heaviest.  Now weigh them using scales.  Were you correct when ordering them?  Did the weight of any of the objects surprise you?  Can you compare their weights by using the following vocabulary: heavier than/lighter than and more than / less than.
  • Now, complete the following (no need to print it out):

Task 2 - Problem Solving by Comparing the weight of objects

Can you solve these problems?  Don't worry about printing them out, you can simply use some paper to work out and record your thinking strategies.



Task 3 - Measuring Mass in grams (g)

Can you find different items to weigh on some scales?  Can you read the scales to see how heavy they are in grams?  Can you find the difference between the lightest and the heaviest objects? 


What is the difference in grams between the banana and the teddy?

You could use a subtraction calculation: 50 - 35 = ?


Here are some more things to explore:

Can you find something that weighs 50g?  What would 2 of those items weigh?

How could you tell is something was lighter or heavier than 10g? How much heavier is the ______ than the ______?


Task 4 - Problem-Solving (Measuring in grams)


Task 5 - Measuring Mass in kg (kilograms)

Can you explore and answer these questions:

  • Which is heavier, one gram or one kilogram?
  • What do you think we might measure in kilograms?
  • How much do you think you would weigh? Would you measure yourself in grams or kilograms - or both?  Can you estimate how much you weigh and then weigh yourself?


Can you read the scales below?




Measuring Mass in Kilograms

Using a Scale - Kilograms

Task 6 - Problem-solving by measuring in kg (kilograms)