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Wednesday 26th January 2022

Letters and Sounds

Today we are going to be learning our tricky words and in particular the word you.

Can you write the caption:

I can see you.

Now sing along to this tricky word song:


Print off the you sheet and have a go at spelling you correctly. There are lots of other tricky words to spell in this document so if you would like a challenge, print off another word of your choice to have a go at writing. 


Have a look at this teddy Powerpoint. Can you describe the teddy's position in each of the pictures? Now using your own teddy bear, place it somewhere in your house. Can you describe what your teddy can see? Remember, it won't be able to see anything that is behind them.


We are learning all about pizzas for the rest of the week. The video below shows how a pizza is made:

Here's a cut and stick pizza activity. Can you spot the triangles and the circles?