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Last week we started learning about Rosh Hashanah.

Can you remember what this celebration is?

When does Rosh Hashanah start?


In our first lesson we thought about what we want to achieve in our new school year, just like Jews think about what they want to achieve in their new year.


But before Jews can start the new year and these new plans, they spend 10 days thinking about the last year and what they may need to ask forgiveness for, as well as the people they may still need to forgive.

A Rabbi blows the Shofar Horn to mark the start of the 10 days.

They try to do this so they can leave that year behind with everything forgiven and OK, then they can move into the new year. They ask God’s forgiveness and for his help to say sorry to others.



Have you ever needed to say sorry for something you did?

How did it feel to say sorry?

Did the person forgive you?

How did that feel?


Has anyone ever needed to say sorry to you?

Did you forgive them?

Was it hard to forgive them if they had been mean to you?

How did you manage it?