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Our Science unit this term will be about Animals Including Humans! In this unit, we will learn about the five groups that scientists use to classify animals: mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians. We will also learn to identify the group an animal belongs to by its features and we will classify animals according to their group. We will also learn about the different diets animals eat. During Term 1 we spent some time learning about the parts of the human body and exploring the five senses and we will just spend a little time revising our knowledge through a simple investigation.

I have attached the knowledge organiser that accompanies this Science topic. If you can print it out, this can be used as a reference throughout this topic. If this isn’t possible, please refer to the image below.


Today’s Lesson Focus:


To identify and name some common animals.


  • I can name some common animals.
  • I can name the groups of animals including fish, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians
  • I can identify what groups animals belong to.


What is an animal?


Have a look at the photographs on the Lesson Presentation that I have attached below. Can you spot and name the animals in each picture? The Lesson Presentation also introduces the different animal groups and some of the names of animals. See if you can name the groups of animals. Can you identify animals from different groups?


Your Lesson task:


Where might you see different types of animals?


If you are able to, go out for a walk and get some fresh air with your grown-ups and observe the types of animals in your local environment. I would like you to use the attached Animal Groups Key and Observing Animals Activity Sheet to help you record your answers. You may wish to take a camera to photograph any animals that you see or any animals that you don’t know the names of. You could then use these photographs for further research!

To end the lesson:


What animal group do you belong to?

Which animal groups did you see?

Where did you see them?

Which animal groups did you not see?

Why do you think this is?


If you would like a challenge to go with today’s lesson, please see the attached sheet!