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  Today we are going to carry on our learning about different sentences. Remember we have learned about three different sorts of sentences since January: simple, compound and complex sentences.

  Your challenge today is to write sentences for each type of sentence. These sentences can be about anything you would like. They might be about what you got up to over half term, during lockdown so far, about last term’s topic ‘Around the World’, this term’s topic ‘Our local area’, or anything else you would like to write about.

  Can you write:

  • Three simple sentences (sentences with just a main clause).
  • Three compound sentences (sentences with two main clauses)
  • Try to use a different co-ordinating conjunction for each sentence (but, and, or were the ones used in the videos we watched).
  • Three complex sentences (sentences with a main and subordinate clause)
  • Try to use a different subordinating conjunction for each sentence (because, as and when were the ones used in the videos we watched).

  This is the work that I will be feeding back on this week, please send it by the end of Thursday and I will send your feedback by the end of Monday.

  I have added the links to the lessons about the different sentences that we have followed on Oak National Academy if you need to have a look to remind yourself about the sentences.

  Have a look at the sheets below if you would like to use different co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions.