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Monday 8th Feb

Phase 6

This week, we will do 2 things in our Phase 6 Letters and Sounds learning:


1. Recap our previous suffix rules for this term



2. Learn a new suffix: _ful

Phase 6 today: Revise _er and _est

Task 1:

Please follow my Loom video lesson by clicking on this link:


Task 2:

Can you play some of the games and complete some of the activities below? (You don't have to do all of them, it would be good if you could make your own choices.)


Mrs Willis's Group - Phase 3

This week, we will revise some of the Phase 3 Phonemes which we have learnt so far.  You can you use to revise any of the Phase 3 sounds which you are less confident with.  I have also uploaded some games and activities for each day of this week.



You might like to play these games first and then you can find out which phonemes you find tricky:


Tricky Words

Can you read and write all of the Phase 3 tricky words?