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Word of the Day: crevasse (noun)

Meaning: a crack or chasm

Like a deep hole that you could never climb out of

Word Pairs: deep crevasse, hidden crevasse, narrow crevasse


LO: I can develop a storyteller's voice in my writing.


As you already know, Viking myths, legends and sagas were stories that were passed on orally or by word of mouth over time until they were finally written down. As we begin to start thinking about writing our own saga, we need to consider how we can achieve a 'storyteller's voice' in our writing. Imagine that you are sat in front of a group of people,  and you are telling them a story without reading from a book. What language and words might you choose to tell your story?

Look at the following text and decide which words help to create that 'storyteller's voice'. Then, write your own opening paragraph to the story you watched yesterday: The Saga of Bjorn.


Tomorrow, you will edit and improve your writing yourself by adding 'archaic' or old-fashioned language to your text. There is no need to email me your opening paragraph today; however, I would like to read the whole saga that you write on Friday.

Creating a Storytelling 'Voice' in your writing.

The Saga Of Biorn