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Unit Overview:

This term’s science unit links in nicely with our weather topic. We will be observing changes across the seasons by exploring the signs of spring and summer through nature and wildlife. We will name the four seasons, the different types of weather and describe the weather associated with each season.


Today's Lesson Focus:


Winter to Spring

In today's lesson you will learn to observe and describe how day length varies in the context of winter to spring. You will also learn to observe changes across the four seasons by looking at how trees and the clothes that we wear change from winter to spring.


The Four Seasons:

Recap the names of the four seasons by watching this BBC Bitesize video.

Do you know any events which happen in these months? For example, we celebrate Christmas in the month of December.

Test your knowledge of the seasons by taking the quiz on the same BBC Bitesize link.

A look at what happens to different landscapes through the four seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. 


Watch the following short clip from the BBC series Wonder of Nature.


Can you stop the video at the point where you think it is spring? Why do you think it is spring? What changes have you noticed as winter turns to spring?


Have a look at the slide image below. Can you discuss with your grown up, some of the changes that happen in the spring?

Day Length:

(Optional Science Work)

Look at the table. What do you notice about the average number of hours of daylight during the spring? How many hours of daylight are there in spring? How do these compare with the numbers of hours of daylight in the winter? If the days in the spring are longer then what happens to the nights?


Today’s Task:


Changes around Us:

Use the Changes Around Us Activity Sheet to record what the trees look like and the clothes people wear in spring. Can you think ahead to spring and can you explain what we wear? Can you record what a tree looks like in spring?

There are 3 worksheets to choose from. Please choose the best fit for your child. There are writing frames and word banks to support the children’s writing.