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I can't believe it! We've almost covered the WHOLE of Year 2 Maths learning. This is our last week of new Maths teaching and learning and after that, we will have some fun Maths games and challenges to complete.


Your focus this week is: Volume

Volume is when you measure the how much liquid is in a container.  In Year 2, we learn about millilitres and litres.

Here are some links to click on:



Like last week with weighing and mass, I really want you all to get practical (and maybe a little bit wet if the weather is good and you can explore this learning outside)!

Task 1

Select a variety of containers and see if you can estimate how many ml they will hold.  You will need to then fill them with water and then pour the water into a measuring jug to read their measurements in ml. How accurate were your estimates?  Can you find the difference between your estimate and the actual volume of each container?


Task 2

Can you read the scales in ml and l?  


Task 3

Below, there are some problems involving capacity and volume.

Challenge - Mastery Activity Cards