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  Have a look at the video below, can you answer the questions that they ask? Today’s lesson is about subtracting money.

Spr3.5.1 - Subtract money.mp4

Still image for this video

  The worksheet mentioned in the video, and the answer sheet for this are uploaded below.

  If you would like to carry on learning about subtracting money, you have had the Discover, Share and Think Together pages for this lesson allocated to you in Power Maths. They have also been uploaded to the Extra Challenges tab for this week (along with the answers for the Think Together pages.)

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  Today we are going to continue to look at our spellings. Have a watch of the next spelling bundle for Sir Linkalot, ‘Water Wells’. The ‘is, his and this’ video reminds me of he takes her here and there. How many can you get right on the test? This bundle is named after the famous author HG Wells who wrote lots of Science fiction books.

  The spelling rule that we are going to look at this week is using y to spell the short /i/ sound. E.g. in myth or gym. Have a look at the PowerPoint, can you unjumble the words? Have a try to unjumble the words you are given and then move on to the next slide to see if you are correct. Once you’ve looked at the PowerPoint you can try one or some of the sheets below. You could also draw pictures or try to come up with your own links like Sir Linkalot to try to remind yourself how to spell these words.

  If you normally do phonics during our spelling time have a look below for a link to phonics play and some phase 5 phonics activities.


  Have a look below to keep practising your running and flexibility. I have also uploaded a cosmic kids yoga and a link to Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel if you would like to get involved with either of these activities.

  I have uploaded a log sheet from Mrs Fulton that we can use to keep track of how active we are. Keep this safe and fill it in if you can, Mrs Fulton would like to see which class in Ethelbert Road is the most active. 


The year that we improve our flexibility

Attached is a routine to get you all stretching in 2021. (living room yoga part 1 a and b) (this can be done in your bedroom/living room or at school) Try and do the routine between 1- 3 times a week over the next 2 weeks. It should take about 20 minutes.

Next week I will set the second part.

Hold each stretch for 10/15 seconds and repeat the stretch 3 times each.

Do not over stretch – this should not hurt .

Some Exercises take co-ordination. (I struggle with the Spider walk even now!!!!)


Mrs Fulton x

2021- The year that we run

Here is a program to get you all running in 2021. (this can be done with a family member) Try and do it between 1- 3 times a week over the next 2 weeks. In two weeks time I will set the second part.

I have set this exercise at three different levels. Those who already run, those who run a little and those who never run!

 Make sure you have a watch/stopwatch/phone with you to time yourself.



  • Start with a 5 minute brisk walk
  • Then jog for 1 minute, followed by slow walk for 2 minutes x4
  • Finish with 3 minute brisk walk
  • (total active time 20 minutes)


Occasional Runners


  • Start with 5 minutes brisk walk
  • Then jog for 1 minute, followed by brisk walk for 1 minute x6
  • Finish with 3 minute slow walk.
  • (total active time 20 mins)



Advanced runners

  • Start with a 4 minute brisk walk
  • Then jog for 5 minutes, followed by brisk walk for 2mins x3
  • Finish with 5 minute slow walk
  • (total active time 30 mins)

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Chapter 16 part 4.mp3