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Listen to the story of Crunch Munch Dinosaur lunch again.


As you are listening to the story, I would like you to think about how the author describes Ty and Teri. What adjectives and describing words does he use? I would like you to draw either Ty or Teri and write a sentence or more to describe them. I have given you some words to help you.


* What does a good sentence need? *



Can you draw Ty and write a sentence describing him? Use these words to help you:


big      jaws    claws       teeth


hungry     stomp    roar   crunch

Can you describe Teri using these words –


tiny     teeth    jaws    claws   

Does your sentence begin with a capital letter? Have you used a capital letter for a name? Have you used finger spaces? Have you marked the end of your sentence with a full stop?