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Wednesday 24th March

  • Continue to practise your lines for Macbeth.
  • Macbeth quotes challenge: Look at the attached document below. Can you match the quotes from Macbeth to the relevant pictures? You can either cut out the quotes or simply write them in the correct space.
  • Shakespeare's forgotten words. Looking at language that has been forgotten.

Thursday 25th March

  • Who was William Shakespeare? 

Lear more about William Shakespeare by watching the video clip and reading the slides from the power point. Then write an information text all about this famous playwright. Use the guide at the end of the power point to help you.

Friday 26th March

  • Edit and improve your Shakespeare information text. Can you improve sentence openers? Can you include a colon to introduce a 'reveal'? Can you use conjunctions to link your ideas?
  • Try this word search for fun!
  • Learn the SONIC BATTLE song.