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Word of the Day: biting (adjective)

Meaning: bitter cold or harsh

Word Pairs: biting wind, biting frost, biting comment

Snow began to fall early on, and soon the world was reduced to the grey shadows of the dogs ahead, the lurching and creaking of the sledge, the biting cold, and the swirling sea of big flakes only just darker than the sky and only just lighter than the ground.

(Northern Lights by Philip Pullman)


LO: I can write a Viking saga maintaining a storytelling 'voice'.


 Today, you are going to write your Viking saga! 

Before you begin to write, look over all the work you have completed during the first two weeks of term. Remember that your saga will be based on the video clip: THE SAGA OF BJORN. It might be worth watching and pausing the video clip as you write. Do refer to the sentences and word bank from yesterday's lesson.

Here is a toolkit of devices and ideas you could use if you wish:

  • archaic (old-fashioned) language to create the 'tone' of a traditional tale.
  • storytelling language (speaking directly to the reader) from time to time as you tell the story.
  • descriptive language to describe maybe the setting or the halls of Valhalla
  • include the thoughts of Bjorn.
  • onomatopoeia to achieve sound effects.

Challenge: Can you include some figurative language? Simile, metaphor, personification.


When you have finished and edited your work for spelling and punctuation corrections, read your saga to someone in your family. It often helps to hear the story read aloud! Please email your writing to me when you are happy with the completed version.

You can either write your saga on paper or type your story. Whichever suits you best!

Do let me know how you found this writing challenge. 

The Saga Of Biorn