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Our last Art of the Term (take your time on this!)

To finish our topic this term,  you may like to have a go at creating a desert sunset picture! Depending on what materials you have available, you could try watercolours or collage. I used tissue paper for my collage but I think it would look really interesting if you used coloured paper torn from magazines. The photos are to guide you but the important thing to remember, if you use watercolours, is that you use enough water !! You have used watercolours lots this year ( our pirates and treasure maps and, more recently our dragonfly ponds). Use a wet brush to blend the different colours where they join so it looks less stripey and more natural. Think about the size of your cacti ; smaller ones in the background and larger ones in the foreground give your picture perspective.

As always, we love to see your artwork .. your desert shoeboxes are amazing!!

Love from Mrs Willis