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As it is Children's Mental Health Week, I thought that I would include an extra PSHE activity this week. 


I thought that you all might like to have a go at this mindfulness activity.


Your glitter jar will help you when you are feeling worried, upset, nervous or a little angry. The idea is that the glitter in the jar represents your thoughts, rushing around in a mad dash.


The next time you are feeling upset or anxious simply shake your glitter jar and remain quiet and still while the glitter is settling. Take some lovely big, deep breaths as you watch the glitter float around in the jar and finally settle on the bottom.


Steps to Make Your Own Glitter Jar

  1. Start by finding a glass jam jar and allow your child to decorate it however they like. You can also use a plastic water bottle if you can't find a mason jar.
  2. You will also need one bottle of clear glue and glitter. Food colouring is optional.
  3. Fill the bottle up 3/4 of the way with water. Next, add the clear glue and glitter and shake. You may want to use a funnel to get the glitter in the jar. You may add food colouring if desired. Seal the lid and you are ready to go.


Your child can SHAKE the jar or bottle when they feel anxious or upset and remain still while the glitter settles.


The jar is like the child's mind, and you can even encourage your child to think about how their thoughts are like glitter. As the glitter settles down into the bottom of the jar, the mind becomes calmer as well.