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School Rules

Our School Rules

 Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Ready


At Ethelbert Road, we are committed to creating an environment where exemplary behaviour is at the heart of productive learning. Everyone is expected to maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, to accept responsibility for their behaviour and encourage others to do the same.


We encourage our learners to be ambitious for themselves and for others, as we challenge and support them in questioning the world and in finding solutions.


We want our learners to feel SAFE, to be KIND to each other, the community and the environment and be READY to learn.



Rights Respecting Behaviour

 All staff, children, governors and parents recognise that we have the right to learn in an orderly community in which effective learning can take place. As part of our commitment to this right, we have reviewed and simplified our school rules to enable all our children to embrace them, whether they are four years or eleven years of age. We are currently reviewing and updating our Behaviour and Relationship policy.


Our three rules are:        


We will be discussing these rules with our children, including; what these words mean, how they can use these words to help them in school and what their behaviour may look like when they are safe, kind and ready


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