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English/ Topic

  Today you are going to be writing a diary entry as though you had been to the festival of the day of the dead. In your diary you can pretend that you have been to the festival yourself, or you can pretend to be a Mexican person who has been to the festival.

  This is the piece of work I will be providing feedback on this week, please send it to me by the end of Thursday.

  We wrote diary entries about travelling to the Stone Age in October.

  Have a look at the PowerPoint below to remind yourself what a diary entry should include. There is also an example of a diary entry by an arctic explorer and a poster to remind you of the features you should include in a diary entry.  

  Use your research from yesterday to help you and see if you can include the answers to the questions below in your diary:

  • When does the festival take place?
  • What it is about?
  • What things might you have done there?
  • Would you have worn anything special?
  • Would you have eaten anything special?
  • Why did people celebrate the festival?