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This week, we are going to think about what additional effects we could add to our games to make them more fun, and to help them to fit with our theme a little better. We are going to focus on backgrounds and sounds. You want your background to match your theme so a Harry Potter theme may have a Grand Hall design or a Star Wars theme might be outer space. It would make sense for my Egyptian game to have an Underwater background, would it?

       You might also want to add sounds or music to your game. I've added a little jingle to my game when it first loads up. You may prefer there to be a sound for a correct/incorrect answer - like the very famous noise when you get the answer wrong in Family Fortunes (see below).

Family Fortunes

       Use the helpful guides below to support you if you get stuck adding or recording sounds, or selecting and designing backgrounds. Be sure to check out my game below for ideas and have fun!


P.S. I know some of you were struggling to open your saved game. Please let me know if you're having any trouble as I think I will be able to help.