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Dance Challenge

Don't forget Mrs. Fulton's Dance Challenge! Create a dance which includes a prop, to a piece of music of your choice.  It needs to be 1 minute long and needs to be emailed to us by 22nd June.



Last week we also started learning different fitness exercises, with the aim to make up our own fitness circuit at the end of the term. Please don't start making up a fitness circuit yet. We have lots more exercises to learn before we want to make our circuits up, and we don't want to get confused with our dance challenge!


This week's exercise are:


It won't be safe to use a real ladder, so for this exercise you'll need to make your own ladder run, for example, you could lay pieces of string at 50cm intervals.




Joe Wicks

As always, Joe Wicks is on every morning! So please continue to do this to get your heart rate up and build up a sweat!