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This week, I am going to introduce you to our new topic in Science: States of Matter. Today, we are going to begin by thinking about the three States of Matter: solids, liquids and gases. We talk about these every now and again but do we actually know exactly what these words mean. Well...hopefully we will by the end of the day.

       To get started, I'd like you to sort the cards in the activity below into solids, liquids and gases based on your initial instinct (NO CHEATING!)

Now, we are going to learn about what it really means to be a solid, liquid or gas. Open the BBC Bitesize lesson below and try to work through all of the videos and activities.

So, we know what solids, liquids and gases are but now we want to think about how the particles move in each different state. Watch the video below and then complete the particle property activity.

       Perhaps you could get members of your household to act out being solids, liquids and gases? To be a solid, you could all huddle together like penguins wiggling slightly. How could you act out being a liquid or gas?