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Mrs Fulton's Dance Challenge!


For this challenge you need to create a dance! You can choose your own music to dance to, but you have to include a prop. This could be a hat, sunglasses, ball, chair, ribbon... you choose! The dance needs to be 1 minute long, for those doing this at home, and should be sent to school via email by 22nd June. This is a 3 week project and the winning dances will be put on the website. One winner for best dance and one winner for best use of a prop! Good luck and Keeeeeeeeep dancing !






For PE this term we are learning about fitness. I will give you a couple of fitness activities to practise each week, building up a range of activities that we can use to make up our own fitness circuit.


This week we are going to focus on jogging on the spot, jogging from one place to another and planks.


Have a go at each activity and see how long you can do them for.





When you try them again the next day, can you do them for a little longer? Have a go each day.


By the end of the week, use your times to think about how long you would want to do this exercise for in a fitness circuit. Is 10 seconds enough? Would 1 minute be too long if you have 9 other exercises to complete in your fitness circuit? We don't want to get too tired too quickly!