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Wow! This girl is amazing! I've missed your enthusiasm!

Still image for this video

Dylan's amazing Japanese anime!

There have been so many busy weeks for this wonderful boy!

And she's done it. Congratulations on beating me!

The Woodcock family crest! Beautiful.

Amazing learning...building, cooking and a trip to Battle!!! Fabulous!

Amazing guitarist and budding young journalist!

Punching the Oobleck!

Still image for this video

Oh wow! Evie, this is amazing...and very shiny! Also, a wonderful, illustrated description.

Oobleck fun and fab reporting! (Daily Fail haha)

Charlotte's beautiful costume for Cinderella!

Guess who's had yet another busy week...!

At home root veggie project. Wow! You are amazing! (Love your new hair too!)

Ellie's excellent lockdown poem. Fabulous!

A quick visit to see the newly designed sheds!

Beautiful English work Charlotte!

Descriptions in the form of a poem and science experimenting!

Every week's a busy one for Jack!

Evie's been making Shakespeare inspired LEGO models! AMAZING!

Amber's been working really hard in Topic and Computing - well done lovely!

What an amazing, creative and colourful creation! Wizard of Oz vs. Cinderella!

Family battle!

Goodbye Ospringe and thank you for having us!

Fantastic work - well done Lacie!

Charlotte's fabulous facts! What an amazing illustration!

Evie's excellent art!

Maths in the garden. Go girls!!!

Great work Benjy! Your cake looks very yummy!

Beautiful artwork Evie - really inspired by nature!

Birthday cake and hair chalks! Happy belated birthday lovely x

Asher's been baking too - a lovely Victoria sponge!

Another busy week for this young man - lots of hard work, beautiful art and more baking!

...And another fabulous goddess fact file - thanks Evie!

Another gorgeous fact file! And with runes writing too - amazing Jean!

Ahhh what a beautiful goddess fact file. I have missed this gorgeous handwriting Charlotte!

Endangered animals - great presentation!

Still image for this video

What a wonderful memory box!

Even more home learning!

Cooking a four course meal to achieve his 'Chef Badge'. Amazing!

An array of wonderful activities completed by Jack!

Great letter from Magnus to Harold!

I have been so impressed with your art work this term. Beautiful work lovely girl!

Great Science and Topic designs. Well done Jean!

Busy, busy, busy!!

What an amazing redesigned habitat - a lovely environment for all living things!

Wow Adam - you've been busy!

More amazing botanical art - beautiful!

Gorgeous botanical art - well done lovely!

Amber's Saxon village!

What a beautiful way to start the week!

Someone's been very busy, including making scrubs for NHS workers. So inspiring!

Homemade Challah bread - yum!

Oscar's had a very busy week of learning!

...and then bakes Chelsea Buns! I love your personalised apron!

This young lady has many talents. She completes her Maths work...

More fantastic work from Amber!

What a gorgeous piece of writing from Finn!

Minecraft Yoga at home!

Amber's been (safely) collecting invertebrates!

Well done Reggie!

Sisters both working hard from home - well done!

An amazing battle scene from Dora. Great vocabulary choices - well done!

Amazing work from Oscar this week and over the Easter holidays! Well done!

More writing from Finnley - great job!

Charlotte and Finnley have written fantastic river poetry/rap!!

She’s been very busy both at school and at home. Well done!

Great work from Evie!

Lacie’s wonderful work on the Nile

What a wonderful Easter card and thoughtful Word Cloud!

This homemade bread looks yummy - I wish I could try a slice!

Oscar chose to write a fictional story this week - with amazing illustrations!

Planting seeds at home!

Some great home learning by Adam, Benjy and Dylan. Well done boys!

Making omelettes, yum! Well done - you've been working very hard :-)

Looking super cool during daily skateboarding exercise!

Evan's super rainbow 'Flash Forward' to Summer 2020 at the beach :-)

The Edwards' boys making the most of the sunshine whilst learning from home

Benjy's Gorgeous Rainbow! Well done Benjy!