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Term 2 - En la clase y las celebraciones - Classroom language and celebrations

This term we are going to learning some words related to the classroom and also celebrations.


The classroom language learning will involved games to learn some new classroom items and commands.


We will continue to practice our counting to 12 and how to say some more colours in Spanish.


We will learn how to say Happy Birthday - "Feliz cumpleaños" to each other and to our Spanish friend Pepe and we will soon learn how Christmas is celebrated in Spanish speaking countries and that Feliz Navidad means Merry Christmas. 



10 Deditos (Ten Little Fingers in Spanish) | Spanish Numbers Song - Canción de los Números

Hola ¿Que Tal? (Versión Títere)

Las Velitas Soplaré ♫ Plim Plim ♫ Canciones Infantiles

We have also enjoyed learning how to say the vowels in Spanish. 


These two videos will help to remember how to say A E I O U


The children really loved the video "Veo, veo"!



Las vocales en español A E I O U

Arriba abajo, exercise song

Get ready, up next we explore some more Spanish language fun This video will help get you up out of your seat and learn some action works in Spanish. Check out where you'll find lessons, lyrics and other musical learning tools.

Veo Veo