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English Grammar

LO: To practise writing sentences in the SIMPLE PRESENT, PAST and FUTURE TENSES.


Yesterday, we learnt about three different VERB TENSES: SIMPLE PRESENT, SIMPLE PAST and SIMPLE FUTURE TENSES.


You might be wondering why they are referred to as 'SIMPLE'. The reason is, there are other PRESENT, PAST and FUTURE TENSES which are more COMPLEX. We will also learn about those tenses this year.


Today, I would like you to write at least THREE sentences about the picture, above, in each of the verb tenses. Here are my sentences:



  1. The weather is dull today.
  2. My umbrella protects me from the incessant drizzle.
  3. As I walk towards the shore, I am struck by the damage. 



  1. I stood motionless as the waves crashed against the wreck.
  2. The pier, which was once a sight to behold, lay defeated by the elements.
  3. Tears welled up in my eyes as I recalled the years spent walking along the promenade with my grandad.



  1. I will never forget that majestic pier!
  2. It will be months before any reconstruction can begin.
  3. The waves will continue to batter the remains of the pier.


Now write your sentences!