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Reading Comprehension

This week, you have a text all about Captain Tom Moore.  There are 3 ability levels to choose from.


Writing - continued from last week

WANTED! Explorer to go on a Desert Adventure 

Have any of you started on your posters yet?  I'm sure that you have!  If you've already made  yours, maybe you could edit and improve your first version or maybe you could use Publisher to create a typed version.

Remember to think about:

  • What type of person your explorer partner would be? 
  • What kind of skills would they need? 
  • What things would they be interested in?

You will need to include:

  • a title (Wanted! Desert Explorer for Adventures in Gobi!)
  • a picture of the Gobi Desert
  • a description of what kind of partner you want to go with you
  • details of some of the activities you will do there
  • warnings about some of the dangers
  • how to contact you (but use a fake Explorer name and contact number like: Contact Explorer HerKel Tel: 0000-1234)



How did you get on with the present and past progressive tense last week? This week, you have 3 tasks. 

TASK 1 - turn these into the PRESENT PROGRESSIVE:

  • Niamh  _____ jumping on the trampoline.
  • Jacob  ____ running quickly round the field.
  • They_____ walking to school.
  • We _______ nearly falling asleep.
  • I ______ eating my dinner slowly.


TASK 2 - turn these into the PAST PROGRESSIVE:

  • Arthur _____ doing his homework yesterday.
  • They _____ walking beautifully in the hall.
  • I _____ talking to Evie on the phone last week.
  • Yellow Class ______ playing happily in the playground!
  • I _____ smiling because I felt happy.


TASK 3 - Below, you will find a PPT quiz attached.



Phase 6

Contractions - revision

Contractions are quite tricky so I thought that we would revise them this week. Can you choose a contracted form and say a silly sentence containing that contraction? 

We're going to the Gobi Desert in August!

Let's go to Faversham Creek.

You're the best class!

He's super quick at TT Rockstars!


Phase 5

Visit to revise any of the Phase 5 alternative spellings.


Months of the Year (remember CLs!)

  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December

Reading Comprehension

Past or Present Progressive Quiz