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Division – making equal groups

This week we are learning about division through making equal groups.  We are going to use a more practical approach as this is a very tricky concept. 

Look at the pictures below to see that I have used cuddly toys and fruit to model division for you. I collected 4 teddies and 8 bananas. I shared the bananas equally between the 4 teddies. Each teddy got 2 bananas each. Practice sharing objects in your home so that you fully understand the concept of division.

Sharing 8 bananas between 4 teddies

I collected 4 teddies and 8 bananas.
I shared the bananas out. Each teddy has 2 bananas

Here is a Numberjacks video  on `Fair Sharing’.  This will help you to look at equal groups.

Numberjacks | Fair Shares | S1E32

Things aren't being shared fairly, thanks to the Problem Blob - 6 makes everything all right. FUN FACT! WHAT is Numberjacks? It is all about excitement, fun ...

Here are some examples for you to discuss with your child


Example 1  has 10 children altogether and there are going to be 2 children in each group.  You then have to circle the children in groups of 2.  How many groups are there?



Example 2: Let’s do this together. 

 I have 12 pens altogether and need to work out how many pen containers I need.  Each container needs 3 pens.  Can you get 12 pens like me and then put 3 pens in each container? How many containers did i use?


Look at the photos and the explanation below to help you.




I collected 12 pens.
I put them into groups of 3. There are 4 groups.
I had 4 groups of 3 so I got 4 containers.

Can your child explain what they have done? Here is an example of an explanation...

"I had 12 pens altogether.

I put the pens into groups of 3.

I needed 4 containers for each group of 3 pens.

There are 4 groups of 3 pens."


Click on the link below to play a sharing game with Curious George.
If you are really confident with all of the practical activities and would like to have a go at recording your learning here are some links to sharing worksheets. I have also added a couple of division activities onto My Maths so feel free to log in and have a go at those too.