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Letters & Sounds

Miss F's Phonics Group: 


Today we are going to read words that have the ch sound in them.

Watch the video below and see if you can join in with sounding out the words. 



Here is a cut and stick activity to do. You need to read the sh and ch words and stick them next to the correct picture. If you don't have a printer, can you draw some sh and ch objects and ask your grown-up to write the words for you to match?

If you would like to complete a challenge, see if you can read the following sentences:


Is it fish and a bag of chips?


The rich man had a big chin.


The chicken got a chill. 

Mrs Haylor's Phonics Group: 


We are starting our Phase 5a Phonics unit today!



We are learning a new grapheme ay.


Watch this video to find out more: 


Practice the ay grapheme by playing Dragon's Den or Picnic on Pluto. Select Phase 5 and the 'ay' grapheme.



Complete the worksheet that I have attached. Can you spot which words are real and which are nonsense?


Can you read the following sentences? Don't forget to blend if you get stuck!


Can a crayon spray paint?

Can a stray cat play?

Do not delay unless you want to stay all day.

Mrs Willis' Phonics Group: 

Spend some time practicing your Phase 5a and Phase 5b sounds by playing Flashcard Speed Trial or Flashcard Time Challenge.


Today we are learning to explore alternative pronunciation of the y grapheme.


Watch today's video to learn more. 

Practise sorting these words into lists by the way the y grapheme is pronounced.