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This week, we are going to take all of the key terms and concepts we have learnt during this topic and see how they form The Water Cycle. The Water Cycle is the continuous movement of water, whereby water circulates between the oceans, atmosphere and land through a cycle of processes.


PARENTS: I do apologise! 1 of the water cycle songs is rather repetitive but very catchy! Hopefully it won't be stuck in your heads all summer.laugh



Over the summer (or this week, if you prefer), it would be fantastic if you could make your very own model of the water cycle. You could build a model of the land and oceans and show how the water circulates - remembering to label the key processes, you could draw a picture to show how it all works or you could even create an animation on Scratch or another online programme (I've seen a great Minecraft water cycle!)


Take a look at the gallery below for some inspiration!

The Water Cycle Song | Science Songs | Scratch Garden

Water Cycle Song