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World Book Day Maths Challenges

  Today I have come up with some maths challenges for you that are linked to books.

 Can you find some books and use them to make a bar chart, tally chart or pictogram? You could think about what colour the covers are, the surname of the author, the genre, how many pages they have or how many pictures they have. Can you think of any other things you could base your charts on? If you can’t find many books to use for this, have a look at the photo below of some of Miss Tucker’s books.

  Can you find the price of some of your books (it’s normally on the back of the book, or the inside cover)? How much would it cost to buy 2 of them? Which two would be the cheapest for you to buy? Which two would be the most expensive? How many could you buy with £20? Would you have any change? Can you write your own money problems based on your books?

  Can you estimate how long it would take you to read a page or chapter of your book? Now time yourself reading it, were you correct? Can you use this information to calculate how long it would take you to read the whole book? Can you write your own time problems based on books?