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Finish off your Instruction Writing and Editing/Proof-Reading


Task 1

Finish off your instruction writing.  


Task 2 - Editing and Proof-reading

Here is a BBC clip we've watched before to remind us about editing and proof-reading.


Look at this example of editing - this writer has noticed some of the words like: 'would' and 'like' and has used a word bank to correct their spelling.  It might look a bit messy, but that is okay, it shows that the writer is improving!



Now that you are all getting better at writing, editing and proof-reading is a really great skill to develop.  I never, ever get my writing right the first time that I write something down and I always read it through and then add extra adjectives or correct some of my punctuation.  That's what all great writers do! They draft, edit and then re-write their sentences.  Sometimes we swap one word for another, because it's a better word choice.  Have a go, I think that you might surprise yourselves at how good you are!


  • Can you check some of your spellings using a word bank/dictionary?
  • Have you used CL and FS for each sentence?
  • Did you include some pictures with captions?
  • Add some adverbs (usually, _ly words)?  For example:  Next, mix the ingredients carefully.