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English and History



Our Author of the Term is Roald Dahl and I would love it if we could all listen to an audio book of his. If you have access to audio books, it would be great if you could download one of his books and listen to a little bit each day - perhaps 20 minutes.

If you don't currently have access to any audio books, you can sign up to Audible and receive a 30 day free trial. I would advise you to download your chosen story and then cancel your membership straight away. We all have enough on our minds at the moment and I would hate for you to forget and then be charged a monthly fee.

Alternatively, here is a link to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on You tube, where you can listen for free.

If you cannot access any of those options, if you have one of Roald Dahl's books at home, you could ask an adult to read to you each day. 



This week for our spellings, I'd like you to learn new topic words by completing the 'Castle and Knight Wordsearch'

English and History 


This term we are learning about Castles and using that theme to support or writing.

We will aim to create a Castle booklet, full of information that we have learnt about Castles. You might like to keep all your Castle learning all in one place so you can put it together in a booklet at the end of the term.  Or you can stick it in an exercise book, and keep it there.

There will be lots of information to read this week, so please make sure you have someone you live with there to help you. There might be some tricky words!


Activity 1


Our first activity this week is to put Castle words into alphabetical order.

Alphabetical order means that you put the words in order of the alphabet.


Look at the first letter of each of these fruits

Banana                   Carrot                   Apple


Looking at the first letter of each word, which letter comes first in the alphabet?


Did you guess Apple?


Which one comes next? Which one is last?


You should have put them in order like this

Apple                              Banana                   Carrot


Complete the Alphabetical Order Activity Sheet - There are three to choose from!

You can use this alphabet picture to help you


Activity 2

Let's start our learning about Castles with the names of their different parts.

Look at the picture below and have a go at reading and saying each part.



See if you can remember the names and complete the 'Parts of a Castle' activity sheet. Use the picture above to help you if you get stuck!


Activity 3



We are going to learn about the different jobs that each part of the castle were used for, in protecting the Castle from enemies.

I would like you to go through the Defence Against Enemies Presentation, reading and learning about each part of a Castle. You can use my template (lined castle border page) at the bottom of the page, or make your own, to write the name of each part and what it was used for.


Here's mine:


There are 10 different parts to write about! So you can spread this learning out over 2 or 3 days. We have had some time off from writing over the half term, so please remember your neatest writing, capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We want to take time and care over our learning, so please don't rush.

There is a word mat for you to check the spellings of words you might need.