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  Today we are going to learning about sentences. This week we are going to begin learning about complex sentences. These are sentences that have main and subordinate clauses in them. We have looked a little bit at these in class so you might remember some of this learning. Remember, a main clause can make sense on its own but a subordinate clause needs a main clause for it to make sense.

  This video will focus on three subordinating conjunctions, when, as and because. The subordinating conjunctions are word that join the subordinate clause to the main clause.

  Take a look at the video below to find out more about complex sentences, main and subordinate clauses.

  If you want to do more learning about complex sentences, or you have not been able to watch the video, have a look at the documents below. Can you spot the complex and simple sentences and write your own complex sentences? There are a number of different challenges in these sheets, starting with one start challenge and building up to the most difficult which are three star challenges. Have a look and choose which challenge you want to do, it should be one that is a little bit of a challenge, so you shouldn’t be able to do it all immediately but should be able to do most of it once you’ve had a good think about it. The answers are in the same document so be careful not to look too closely at them before you answer the challenges.

  I have uploaded a sheet to remind you of some of the other key subordinating clauses you could use as well.