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This week we are going to write our own stories about what happens to Kali, Brockan and Tenko from the last line we read of ‘The boy with the bronze axe’:


 ‘He stood there with the axe in his hand, menacing and gleaming.’


This is the first line of your story. Use your plan from last week to help you write your story. If you haven’t written a plan yet have a look back at the English/topic learning for last week to listen to the start of the story and write your plan.

  In school we are going to spend two lessons writing our story so you have lots of time to tell your story and include some of the details we have learned about Skara Brae and how to make a bronze axe. Can you include them using the dresser, alcove or hearth? Can you explain how the bronze axe was made?

Remember to use speech marks when someone is talking and try to use a variety of simple and compound sentences in your writing. There is a sheet below which you can use to remind you what you should include in your story and a sheet with some spellings you might find helpful.

Punctuation: Introduction to speech marks (KS2)

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